Georli testnet network

my network was with Georli testnet. I send Eth to my exodus account but I never receive my eth. Want I check into estherscan I saw the transaction and he show me send that the eth what send with sucess. So what I have to do wait?

Hi Josh @armani123 exodus wallet not support Georli testnet.

Goerli Faucet:

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So what I have to do to receive my eth?

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Because I already send my eth in exodus eth wallet. So what I have to do for having my eth?

These ETH have value 0$

When you want them :point_down: you need a private key

and import this privat key into the MetaMask wallet

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I don’t understand what you mean that it’s not worth $0. And then when I import all this I can receive my eth?

These ETH are for testing purposes only :slightly_smiling_face: they cannot be sold.

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So it is just to be here…

Did you sell something and received the payment in ETH on the Georli testnet ?

No I had eth in the goerli network and then I sent it to my exodus account.

A testnetwork is only for testing, not for real money. So the ETH you got on the testnetwrok, is worth 0 USD. Did you know that ? or is it because you are testing something that you have ETH in the testnetwork ?

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