Get the list of incoming erc20 tokens transfers

Description: Why is MetaMask not supporting incoming transactions for erc20 tokens

Purpose: It is pretty straight forward to get the list of incoming erc20 tokens transfers.
polygon scan API module=account&action=txlist ( MetaMask calls this for matic transfers etc)
if it calls module=account&action=tokentx
then MetaMask can show all kinds of token transfers ( incoming)

Extension/Mobile/Both: Extension, not sure if this is supported on mobile


Hi. Please read this article for the setting enabling what you are requesting (incoming transactions).

thanks for the quick response. I have Incoming transactions enabled and i do see matic incoming transactions.
Are you saying that you’re able to see usdc and other erc20 incoming transactions also ?

Let me check with the team to make sure all is in order.

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Any updates on this?

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Not yet, will let you know.