Guarantee service

Guarantee service

That feature is very simple and would be very useful for many people.
The idea of it is making MM as guarantee for supplier and customer, where MM will take % for guarantee service.
The feature will be very useful for headhunter, job seeking and etc platforms, where people want to be sure that customer will pay and supplier of service will do job.
For example: I m coder of bots, and customer find me then made request for discord bot, but I am not sure that he can pay, so I will make an order for him to pay, but he is not sure that I will not disappear, and here I will make an order through MM where MM will take customer’s money as guarantee and after work done, I can get money for service that I have done.
That could be realized in any platform, MetaMask just should have a guarantee functionality.

Purpose - is to cover market of guarantee services through MetaMask

That should be on Extension/Mobile/Both

I am in process of making special platform for that market, and it would be very cool if MetaMask have that service where users can use that.

Great purpose. I think it should be implemented.

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