Hacker please come, admin please do not close this topic, your support ticket wont help me, it is serious

I hope you well , you stole my all 3 ETH…this is all my money and save for my new baby…I planing to withdraw for my new baby as she will born in Oct , so I install the metamask chrome extension in order to transfer out and withdraw, however you stole all my money…now I have no job and i dont have enough money to take care my family…I want to die but I cannot because I still need to take care my family, I really hopefully you can send me back the money… please save me…

you can verify my wallet and transaction in etherscan

can you send me back the money ?? can you save me? can anyone save me ?
my new wallet address

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hi hacker ? where are you ?

anyone can help ??? please…

hacker can you give me back my ETH?

help me please…I really need my money…