How can I revoke a scam contract

I was scammed, and I have two contracts that I don’t recognize in my metamask. However, I need to pay the BNB fee to revoke these contracts. When I send the bnb value of my binance to metamask my bnb is instantly transferred to another wallet. Need help

That is, every time I get bnb on my wallet, it gets sent to another wallet. From then on I can’t pay the revocation fee

Hey @FernandoF, sorry to hear this has happened :frowning:

Can you clarify what you mean by revoke these two contracts that you don’t recognize in your MetaMask?

To remove dapp permissions, please refer here on our Knowledge Base:

With hacked wallets that automatically transfer tokens out to another address, you can try this technique in this article:

I want to revoke these contracts that are in the image, but to revoke them I need to pay a small fee in bnb. However when I transfer BNB from my binance account to my metamask account, the bnb is transferred to another account, as shown in the print.

Hey, can you help me? I need revoke this contract to use my metamask

You can try the technique in the article I have linked to see if a transaction can be mined before the automatic transfer to the hacker’s address.