How can I share one specific account of my Metamask Wallet with a colleague?

I am starting a project soon where 2 employees should have access to a certain account from a Metamask wallet. Also, these two people should always agree to a transaction. Only the one (of 5) accounts from the Metamask Wallet should be shared. Is their any way to do so? Thanks in advance! :pray:

Hello, can you be more specific in your description? You need to share your wallet with your colleagues while avoiding the disclosure of private keys or seed phrases, donโ€™t you? In this case, you can use multi signature method, and gnosis is a good choice

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Hi Tksly, thanks for your quick response!
The project is about minting NFTs on the NFT marketplace platform picipo.
My Colleague and me should be able to mint NFTs by using the same Metamask wallet.
I already created the account on my Metamask Wallet next to my private accounts.
My colleague should not see the other accounts, only the Project account.
I also checked gnosis and it seems perfect but unfortunaly neither opensea nor picipo work with smart contract wallets.
so we need to connect with the metamask account to those dapps.
Do you think there is another way?

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Oh, I donโ€™t have any other good suggestions for the time being. You can wait for other professionals to provide you with feasible suggestions :grin:

Hey @Silent_Strength, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

You can share the wallet address of only one of the accounts but sharing ONLY the private key. For both people to be required to sign a transaction, a multi-signature wallet would be required.


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