How do I remove $Rune from Metamask? I tried to swap some $RUNE into $ETH and it disappeared

How do I remove $Rune from MetaMask? I tried to swap some $RUNE into $ETH and it disappeared from my MetaMask wallet, when I look at the swap details on ethscan, it shows 0. I originally swapped from $ETH into $RUNE months ago and just left it in my MetaMask wallet, now I am not sure what to do, and I’ve lost 50 x $Rune tokens, and still have more in my MetaMask wallet.

Hi friend. Please feel free to share your address and I’ll take a look into it.


OK thanks:

May I ask if you are referring to this transaction as shown in the screenshot swaping 50 Rune with Ethereum

In such case you have swapped rune with eth on eth mainnet


As @Mandip mentioned, you have swapped your Rune for ETH and the ETH are available on your wallet.

You can see the ETH been credited to your address under “internal txs”.


Yes, that’s the transaction

OK so it looks like I’m only getting 10% of the value of the RUNE in ETH?
Can anyone suggest any swap to get any better value out of the RUNE?

Many thanks for any help anyone can provide.