How i add PVU in Meramask & buy it with BNB

Hello, im new at MetaMask, i am using it to play plants vs undead game, it requires to buy PVU (the game token), i dont know how to add the token to my MetaMask Wallet & buy it with BNB.


Hello, I have searched the token name (PVU) on Coinmarketcap site and the contract address on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is: 0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794 (please check on Coinmarketcap site as well):
To add PVU token to your MetaMask wallet you can add the PVU contract address as follows:
Go to MetaMask —> Assets —> Import Tokens —> Token Contract Address ----> Add Custom Token

You can purchase the token from an Exchange (either centralized or decentralized)where the token is listed.


Hello @KaelAdam , welcome to metamask community,

PVU is a Besp20 token , you have to add it by clicking add tokens on the bnb smart chain network , using the contract address ( 0x31471E0791fCdbE82fbF4C44943255e923F1b794 ) , and all your pvu tokens will appear. You can purchase the PVU tokens on binance exchange or any other exchange you use to transact , and the send to your metamask wallet. Then you are good :white_check_mark: .


@KaelAdam I have checked and noticed that you can purchase the PVU token using the MetaMask swap on BSC as well. You can swap some BNB to PVU. Please check the contract address, slippage tolerance and the price in case you would like to purchase the PVU using the swap feature on MetaMask.

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I never swaped before, how do i swap ?

If you want to swap , you can only swap bnb tokens to PVU , because PVU is a bep20 token . Or rather , you can use the MOONPAY , TRNSAK or WYRE feature within the metamask wallet to buy PVU token without using the external exchange services .


Im afraid of a high Gas fee, what do you think ?

Swap in MetaMask or in pancakesswap ?

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You can use either of them to SWAP , metamask , pancake or Binance exchange . But I will advice to use metamask . Verify the contract address , slippage tolerance and gas , since you are a new user , it is safer for you to transact within the metamask app .


In your MetaMask wallet under the Assets, choose BNB and then click on SWAP. Choose the PVU as the token in the field (swap to) … When choosing the PVU, make sure the token is the one you have added its contract address on MetaMask. Then specify the amount of BNB you would to swap to PVU. Under the “Advanced Option”, choose the slippage tolerance. Under “Review Swap” , check the price and the gas fee … If both the price and the gas fee are reasonable, then continue with swap … In this way, you can purchase the PVU using the swap feature in your MetaMask.

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So i will buy BNB on binance, then transfer it to Metamask, then swap to PVU (I didnt find PVU on binance) then connect my wallet to the game.

I will start with a small amount (i will not risk a big amount before trying), if it succeeded i will go in with a bigger amount.

How much BNB do you think i will need for the Gas fee ?


Sounds good! As for the transaction fee for the Binance Smart Chain, it is usually below 50 cents. Check it always before going ahead with any transaction.

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