How to create build-in networks in souce codes?

As a developer, I want to add new networks to MetaMask as build-in blockchains. So users need not add blockchains manually. Which source code files or objects should I modify ? Is there a task list for this job?

Improve user experience, provide more chains out of the box.




Currently, you’re able to build on MetaMask Snaps. See this link:

Users would still have to add the blockchains manually to their wallets.

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I added two build-in blockchains by modify the file
shared/constants/network.ts. But it is is not shown on UI by default, I have to add it manually. The difference is that I need not input details of chains now. How to make new chains shown on UI by default like ehtereum mainnet ? So users can swith to new network when open MetaMask, save the time of add new chain.