How to de-link metamask wallet

A few days ago I had connected my Metamask wallet with these…well… scam BNB staking websites. Now I don’t want my wallet connected to them by default. When I login to my Metamask and visit those scam websites, it automatically detects my wallet as logged in and displays my BNB balance. I don’t want that to happen. Any way to disconnect my wallet from there? I don’t find any logout option on those websites.

I understand that these scam websites, if they want to then they can transfer coins out of my wallet to theirs since I have already given them the permission access my wallet.

Someone on reddit asked me to visit - settings>experimental>wallet connect session. And there disconnect from the sites which I want to disconnect from. But I am not able to find the ‘Experimental’ part in the settings section.

I feel unsafe logging into my wallet now. Please help.

EDIT: I found the solution here to disconnect my wallet. It’s simple. Follow the instructions here.

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