I have build, not live right now, but have query regarding this. Can we put NFA image into metamask with their respective account?

NFA is a Non Fungible Address, creating an NFT that resonates with the Ethereum Logo.
Each NFA is as unique as Ethereum Address.

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Hi @0xdc ,

Sorry, can you be more specific with what you are trying to do?

Are you saying you’re trying to get the NFT to be in the little circle image for the account like the right circle in image below?



Yupp, I just wanted to know, is it possible to put NFA (generative image of eth address) into this little circle image for the account?

If a user has minted the NFA, it will automatically be added to this circle.


Hi @0xdc this is not possible right now.

This has been put in Feature Requests category before, see this link. You can vote and leave a comment for it :slight_smile:

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