I have my vault data but lost the password

Hello, please help me with process to recover password or to know how many characters were in my password as I cannot remember from 24 months ago.

Help would be appreciated.

Hello @dylan85, welcome to MetaMask community!

Unfortunately, as far as i know, there’s no way anyone can help you with your password, as that is set only by yourself, individually, on whatever way you had your MetaMask wallet installed, extension or app.

@dylan85 ,

Can you follow the steps in this Vault Extraction to get your Secret Recovery Phrase? This is all you need to restore your wallet. There are instructions for extension and iOS, but not Android.


Thanks, I did say I needed help with " process to recover password" meaning I cannot remember my password.

Perhaps being able to determine how many characters are in the password would help, I have my original vault data.

In the process of recovering your wallet by using the vault data as explained above, you will need to figure out what your password was.


Oh - good point Chinzilla, thank you!!! Yea, you still need to know what you used.


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