I sent doge to eth wallet

Hello, I got confused when copying the wallet address and sent from binance to trezor DOGE-eth address
I see that on bscscan (Token Binance-Peg Dogecoin) but dont know how to send to metamask if its possible.
Any help?thanks
(cant upload a pic for new member) https ://ibb.co/dPZFhsq

Finally i passed doges to metamask (trezor bridge) but now I can’t send them to binance.
I have no idea what to try…Error

there are no conversion rate available and do not know what numbers to put.I have 0.009 bnb too

If you see it on BSCscan and they are binance pegged dogecoin, then they are not on Ethereum network, they are on BSC network.

You will need to add BSC network to Metamask and add the custom token for Binance pegged Dogecoin so you can see it and transfer them.

Thanks a lot, i do that but cant find conversion rate.
Please see pic

https ://i.imgur.com/5CSDqLw.png

@hedtrip are your BNB on the BSC network?

Yes,on the same wallet like doge https ://i.imgur.com/1G3Fne4.png

does it really matter that it cannot find the conversion rate, I mean you just want to send back to Binance right? you are not swapping in that transaction, you are just moving the Dogecoins from one place to another, it doesn’t really matter the money value of what you are transferring.

Just make sure you are using the correct wallet address for BEP20 Dogecoin:

@hedtrip try send only 600 DOGE or try another browser.

Metamask BSC has not the functionality to show you the fiat value of bep20 tokens, while on ETH this feature is native. If you want check the topic suggestion in support and vote to implement it

I do but error…
and tried to send less like 600 but error every time…I do notknow what im doing wrong.
https //i. imgur. com/WjBkTtW.png

Push on the transaction and go check on bscscan to see what the error is.

Or please send transaction hash so we can see what the error is.

Thanks for the help.

@hedtrip you sending DOGE to PancakeSwap or Binance?

I want to send to binance yes

@hedtrip try Gas Limit: 100000

THANKS A LOT (to all)
Finally I sended with no errors and have them on Binance…
Thanks for your time and patience

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