I sent weth from ronin to metamask but did not received

Hi All, I need help please I sent weth to metamask using ronin bridge the trnasaction was susscessfull but I did not received any eth in my metamask wallet.

please help.

[Removed for safety]

I do’nt have a whatsAp ID is their any option?

How to know verify if my transaction was delayed or had any problem incurred?

Thank you.

I did the same thing, transfer to ronin but I didn’t get it.
And shows that was sent sent from metaMask to ronin could you help me?
the transaction is:

[Removed for safety]

Please be aware of scammers, and try to only use official support. You can find a list of our official support platforms here: Official MetaMask Support Platforms - #5

For Ronin transaction please use the Ronin bridge. , otherwise the transaction will stay in the original network.

I have same problem. I use ronin bridge to transfer ETH to metamask. The contract show success but I can’t get my ETH. Now I waiting more than 20hrs. I try to reset my metamask transaction but still not working. Please help Thank you