I sent ETH from Metamask to Ronin and the transfer didn't work but my ETH it disappeared

I made my first transaction between Metamask and Ronin. The transaction appear SUCESS at https://etherscan.io/ but my ETH doesnt appear at Ronin Wallet. Please, help me.

My ETH disappeared

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Attention! Above is a FAKE customer support. It would ask for your security phrases! Don’t give them.

I’m not a Fraud. You didn’t understand what’s going on. My transaction between Metamask and Ronin Plataform appear with SUCESS status on https://etherscan.io, but the ETH was gone. I paid the cheapest transaction fee on the metamask extension anda maybe that was the problem. Does anyone know anything about it? I Don’t want anyone’s security phrase.

I was referring to a user TechSupport; he replied under you, but his reply has been removed now.

@PP1234 Ronin Wallet use Ronin Network :see_no_evil: and Metamask use Ethereum mainnet…

Maybe try this :point_down: