I sent eth from metamask to ronin wallet but it didn't arrive

Transaction Hash:





Hi @0x925E5088294C008159 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::point_down: try this

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Hi Luigi,
Thankyou so much. :smiley:

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Can help me retrieve my transaction also suppose to sent my ETH from metamask to ronin but it goes to different account this is the transaction

Can i still retrieve it?

Hi @Adskieme you solved it?

No still i cannot manage to take it back or import in my metamask, how? Can help me?


This is the transaction hash. Thanks

Hmm @Adskieme :thinking: the transaction cannot be returned
when you don’t have a private key this ETH address: 0xd0a036d9e700a203477a3e99b9b032e9d14f8fc9

Is this your ronin address with ronin: in front?

How to get private key?

Hi @Luigi , i already imported my private keys from my ronin account to metamask but still my eth is not there :disappointed:

Hi @Barry send me yours ronin account address

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This is my transaction from metamask to ronin wallet but the address that I used is the ronin bridge contract address. I did that through mobile app of metamask.

Metamask address: 0x0e63d37ee0cba7ec4961fc08a19ba677f8719e36

I also did the import but its not there.

@Makmak in this situation :neutral_face: importing ronin addresses will not help

what are the best way to retrieve my ETH? Through ronin support?

@Luigi The only way to contact the Ronin support, Metamask support can’t do anything about, correct?

@Luigi here sir, 0x1a2a1c938ce3ec39b6d47113c7955baa9dd454f2 i just copied and paste it coz i cant upload pictures.

@Barry hmm that’s wrong :neutral_face: this address
0x1a2a1c938ce3ec39b6d47113c7955baa9dd454f2 is the contract address Axie Infinity

Simply transferring assets to the contract address results in permanent loss of funds :point_down:

@Makmak YES MetaMask support cannot return these funds
because the address Axie Infinity: Ronin Bridge is not theirs.

Hi. It also happened to me, im trying to transfer my eth to ronin. But it goes to a different address.

This is the address where my eth was sent. 0x9a7ee3653db3ea418411ee3c24a0c06202048e8a