Include Internal Transactions in the Wallet Activity List

This feature request is to include (or have the option to include via toggle switch in the UI) all internal transactions in a wallet’s activity list along with the regular transactions.

There is a MetaMask support Zendesk article that describes the current functionality for how Internal Transactions are not included in the MetaMask Activity List (this community forum would not let me include URLs in this feature request).


Currently users have to go to a block explorer like Etherscan and then navigate to their Internal Txns tab to see these. So it can be very confusing when they are receiving funds from an exchange via smart contract internal transaction method, but not see the actual transaction itself itemized.

Exchanges like Coinbase are switching to using internal transaction method in order to save on transaction fee efficiency, so this will increasingly be a confusion for users. A tweet from @CoinbaseAssets on dated July 15, 2022 discusses that they are doing this. (Again, not including the link due to forum rules).

Extension for sure, but I have not been able to check if this is the case on Mobile also.

MetaMask Version 10.18.3

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