Integrate Synthetix Atomic Swaps

Hey guys it’s me from Synthetix Ambassador Council. Has MetaMask thought integrating Synthetix Atomic Swaps yet? 1inch recently did and its been a win for both parties. I can connect you with our Core Contributors if interested and provide appropriate documentation since I can’t post links here.

Atomic swaps is a new product that gives the best USDC > ETH rate on ethereum right now, it’s atomic swaps
it allows for trading at the worse of uniswap prices / chainlink prices

the documentation is laid out here
https: // sips.synthetix. io/sips/sip-120/
https: // sips.synthetix. io/sips/sip-198/

This is an example of a test transaction
https: //etherscan. io/tx/0x53bf27bb7d96e050facc9f09c06602b7f418d78eab27792b88bf3fbb6e8a2729

you just need to call exchange Atomically, no slippage is applied
any of these can be traded in any direction

Synthetix: Ether Wrapper | Address 0xc1aae9d18bbe386b102435a8632c8063d31e747c | Etherscan

so basically users could do USDC > ETH through Synthetix at the best price on ethereum, since unwrap has 0 cost

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