Invalid address

Hi , I have a meta mask wallet with Eth in it. I want to send some to CoinSpot, but it says the address I generated there is invalid.
What network do you use , so I can send some Eth to sell, thank you.
Also when I went to login to you it said i didn’t have an account, so I recreated one.
What is happening here please /

Is this the only way to get support from MetaMask, be led by others in the dark. ?
Don;t they have a help desk to deal with their customers ?

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @richutchings!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Make sure you’re sending to an address on the Ethereum Mainnet.

If you’ve previously created a MetaMask wallet, you can restore it by entering your seed phrase. You’ll then be prompted to create a password. You’ll only need your password to unlock (sign into) your MetaMask wallet.

You can find a list of our official support platforms here: Official MetaMask Support Platforms - #5