Log in to meta mask

I am trying to reset my password (forgot it).
I have my phrase code, but it wont let me create a new password.

I type everything in, but it wont let me get pass the reseat page.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong…

Any help?

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Sorry you are having this issue. Let’s see if we can help!

First - don’t contact anyone outside of this forum, they’re all scammers if it’s not through MetaMask. Also nobody from MetaMask will dm you, so if they are saying they are from MetaMask through a DM, it’s most likely not true.

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JunJun -

See this article from the MetaMask Knowledge Base -


Don’t contact this guy, he is a scammer!!

But there is no option to reset your password. You have to install metamask again and then import your seed phrase, and then you get an option to create a new password for your wallet.


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