Metamask Issue while deploying Contract in BSC Net

I am facing this weird issue in MetaMask while deploying any new Smart Contract to main net.
Error in Remix

And in MetaMask, I see 'Unapproved Transaction" under Activity

Till yesterday, I was able to deploy. But since morning, I am stuck with this issue.
I restarted browser few times, cleared all cache, even cleared MetaMask user activity but still the same issue.
I am sure I have enough funds to pay for the Tx.

Anyone facing similar issue.

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I have the same problem
I hope someone explains to us what is the solution

Hi could you share your smart contract so we could test, also is it testnet?

It is now working for me since morning, not sure what was the issue.
Last night I cleared all cache, closed MetaMask. When I tried today morning, it started working for me.

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Great to hear thanks for the update :+1:


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