Metamask + Ledger : 0 ETH in Metamask

Hello all,
I manage to connect metamask to my ledger which contains ETH. But metamask shows me 0 ETH in the ledger account, I don’t understand why.
I followed the process:
Metamask + Ledger + Chrome updated
Option metamask “use ledger live” activated
Ledger live app launched
Ledger ethereum app activated
Ledger ethereum contract activated
Websocket allowed on ledger live when connecting

No, I did not lose my ETH, they are in my ledger. But they don’t appear in the metamask wallet connected to the ledger.
It is the first time i use metamask and ledger

When selecting the ledger account on metamask, I had to click on “don’t see your account”, then modify the ledger live account to show the account that contains my ETH