MetaMask on Polygon not working

2 days ago MetaMask on Polygon (Brave web browser extension) randomly stopped working for me. I have used it for months, no problem on Polygon. I did a few swaps, no problem, then out of the blue the next 3 swaps I tried went to ‘pending’ and never did get posted to the network. That was Friday evening. Ever since then I can not do any transactions. I added the new RPC polygon rpc com (that is not the actual link, I tried to put the actual link but it would not let me post with a link) and that did not work either. I have tried sending USDC to another wallet, I have tried swaps on 5 different DEXs, I have tried bridging to another chain, nothing works. I have hundreds of MATIC in my wallet for fees, so that is not the problem. Today I decided to try it on my phone (iOS app) as I have the Polygon chain on it there, and same result, I can not swap within the app, I tried sending USDC to an external address, it would not work. I can connect to DeFi sites and see my current deposits, but I can not interact with anything. I have talked to CSRs and admins from various platforms and tried adjust GAS and GWEI, no matter what I do I can not get any transactions to work. MetaMask on BSC and on Ethereum Mainnet are working perfectly, it is only on Polygon that it will not work. I’m totally stumped. I sent in a support ticket two days ago but for some strange reason I got an auto reply and it said to respond if I still have an inquiry so I did that, and about a day and half later I got another auto reply, which did not apply to my situation. I don’t know why I got a second auto reply, and I don’t know why it took a day and a half. So I replied to that a few hours ago and still no response, so I figured I’d post here in the community. There are some transactions I want to do so I’m hoping someone out there has some insight as to how to resolve this issue. Thanks - Rod

To the moderators: I tried to use the flag method to let you know it can be deleted but regardless of what I typed the site would give an error ‘sorry you can not post external links’ even though there were no links in what I was typing. Anyway the issue has been resolved so feel free to delete my post, thanks

How do you solve it ? I have a pending transaction on metamask, but the transaction is success since 20h on polyscan. I can’t do other transactions

fixed after updated in 10.1