MetaMask suggestedGasFees API supports new chainID

How to make this API support the new ChainID? I read a lot of MetaMask-related documents and found no relevant documents.

Chain’s configuration can be seen here:

We are the same as Op MainNet.

The configuration can be the same as this.


RPC endpoint:

Hi @daniel.z have you seen these maybe : Ethereum provider API | MetaMask developer documentation & Add network with existing chain ID via API - #3 by PPrieditis let me know. I see it’s metaswap, where are you referencing suggestedGasFees API could you point me at the doc thanks


The gas displayed on MetaMask is obtained through this interface

This is the api requested by MetaMask background

@0xroo Can you please help and ask your dev to take a look at this issue?

You can open a ticket looks like a MetaMask swap question I’m not familiar with their API

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