Misdirected ERC20 tokens via Uniswap

Earlier this year I made two ETH swaps using Metamask and Uniswap. As a new user I forgot to set up specific wallets to receive them. Both were ERC-20 tokens. The swaps were successful, but they never arrived in my Metamask wallet. After many months of research I learned that both tokens had been deposited in my Etherium account, but are not viewable in Metamask. They are only viewable individually under the heading of TOKENS: when viewing the transaction ID in Etherscan.
Can someone help guide me in moving them into specific wallets that I subsequently set up in Metamask.
The transaction ID’s are 0x08aa34d807b767277592b7fdc7ecf7094bd62ec2c2d30c4b3486b29c94f71089 and 0xc01e85d4a50b21e0bb41c6f14721f65fa94d1dc446bca0a11efb26cb1b09205d.

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In your MetaMask wallet, did you add the custom token to your MetaMask wallet?

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