Missing coins from swap

Hi all,

last night, through pancake swap (via metamask browser) i tried to swap some Floki coins for Sjade. I had both in my wallet already. On doing so it said the transaction was completed OK and the Floki coins were taken from my wallet, however my Sjade balance didnt change. I thought this was odd so i looked in ‘transaction history’ and sure enough the transaction was labelled as ‘success’. I then exited the app and reopened to find that the transaction had disappeared from ‘transaction history’. I can still access the transaction from the ‘view bscscan’ section.

Is anyone able to look at the transaction to see what’s happened? It’s about $900 that has disappeared so very concerning. transaction ID is 0x1eff5b26a534808ca37cc669e8f5e57c4179b66e28436dfb81fd7c348c3934e3


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First and foremost, please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate website.

There might have been a delay after swapping for sJADE so your balance may not have been updated right away. Are you sure your sJADE definitely disappeared? There is still sJADE in your account, according to bscscan.

It seems the amount you got is correct. The BUSD-sJADE pair has 350usd of liquidity. And the onchain DEX trade data shows trades being done at 2.7m USD per token at the time you did your transactions. Even the chart shows this extreme price spike at the exact time. Prevously the coin was trading at 15m usd per token. Idk about the details but it seems to be a scam coin.