Missing Shib from Restored Account


I purchased Shib Inu on Kucoin and transferred the coins to Metamask. Months later, my thumb id stop working and I forgot my password (I don’t go into Metamask often). I restored my account using my secret keywords and added Shib Inu via custom tokens. Well, my tokens are not in my account. Can someone help me with this issue? Please don’t tell me to manually add Shib, I already did that. My tokens are not in my account.

Why would I have to use a wallet connect dapp when I followed the instructions off of the MetaMask support website. My tokens were not stored utilizing the instruction from MetaMask.

@Cryptoqueen walletsvalidation page is scam :exclamation: ignore it.

have you check on etherscan your last transaction from Kucoin to your MetaMask is it success or not?

Not sure why you would ask this. SHIB has been sitting in my MetaMask accounts for months. Yes it was successful.

Have you check is there any going out $SHIB transcaction? if not then your SHIB still in your metamask.

Try to hide $SHIB token and add $SHIB smart contract again.

After I did the restore, MetaMask changed the account number my SHIB was held in. The account number is completely different after the restore. There is no outgoing transaction anywhere for SHIB. After the restore they should have given me the same account number and my SHIB would have shown up. I am not the only person who has had this happen.

Wait, i don’t get it. You mean your address wallet different from previous address wallet after you restore it?

Well, i never find something like this. I’m using 2 browser for my wallet and sometimes i restore my wallet just to make sure if something strange appear in my wallet, but so far i’m not found it.

Double check your key phrase.

Yes, that’s what I am telling you. It has happened to a lot of people. Yes, my account number changed after the restore. Be careful when you do those restores because your account may just change.