Multisig function

Over the past six months, the number of wallet users who have lost their cryptocurrency as a result of incorrect storage of a passphrase or private key has increased significantly and it will increase. But an interesting solution is the Multisig function of a straight veutri wallet, you’ve probably already heard about it. Briefly: I keep ether on my wallet and I need to send a MetaMask from my wallet to another address, but I have lost the private key, the hacker at the same time wants to forward my ether to himself, but thanks to the multisig function, he will not succeed, since he will not have access to the other two wallets, where I need to sign a transaction to send funds from my wallet. This feature has already been implemented in another wallet “Tronlink” . There are also other projects like gnozisseyf. The liquidity in Gnosis safe is approximately $ 100 billion, with the introduction of this function, a large amount of money will come to you and big projects will come, and users will start to love even more for security, thank you, I hope I was heard, since my friends and I suffered from the theft of funds, thank you again!