My address is invalid?

I cannot send any coin to my wallet for whatever reason from trustwallet. I am in the middle of a ball game with wallet crackers right now trying to save whatever coin I can revoking it every 25 minutes. I need to transfer all my coin from trust wallet to my MM wallet here as fast as I can.

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Do you get an error in your Trustwallet app ?

To me it sounds like you might have a problem with Trustwallet. Could it be that you have entered a wallet receiver address that does not exist on the blockchain?


I don’t get any errors and my MetaMask wallet certainly does appear on bscscan with its address I am inputing.

One of my coins managed to send after twelve tries and a phone reset, its kind of stuck in limbo though and never actually reached MetaMask but did seem to reach its address. The others are still telling me the address is invalid though.

I don’t know how Trustwallet works, but if you have your seed phrase from your Trustwallet, you should be able to almost use what ever wallet you want to, and then transfer from one address to another. But this sounds very weird.

You are using then BinanceSmartChain network I guess and the coins are supported on this network ?

I would also try to contact support at Trustwallet, if they have one.


I did contact support on their forums and they banned me after posting this same thing and details about the crackers. I haven’t heard anything from their support ticket either and I don’t think I will.

I’m not sure I understand the big picture here, but if you got the seed phrase to your Trustwallet and it is the Trustwallet that makes all the problems, I would try another wallet with your seed phrase and then transfer your coins out.

Else try to click “Start a conversation” on this like, maybe they can give you another tip


Got most of my coin ganked that was left in it but I managed to get what I could to go to Guarda. Thanks for the help though.


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