New Features in Meta

It would be aesome if the devs add:

  1. NFT vew right in app
  2. Expand the swaping, cuz most of the times when i try to swap smth excepth BUSD->BNB i get an error
  3. Add more blockchains like solana, near, algo… it will make our foxe the best app for sure!
  4. Create a button to see the charts in app
  5. Make a possibility to pay all fees in all blockchains with the upcoming token
  6. Improve the Android app… it works only with browsers like Kiwi :upside_down_face:
  7. Return the possibility to adjust the gas
  8. Add an option to auto-approve some websites

Heya @OSO ,

With #6 - do you use the in-app browser (inside the MetaMask app)?

Also, when you get errors, you should come and report them so we can see what the issue is :fox_face:

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Hi @OSO .

As far as #7 goes, you still have the ability to adjust the gas.