No emit event from mobile metamask wallet on transaction rejection

I’m building dapp in react with integration of my own smart contract deployed on bsc testnet… I’m using walletconnect to connect wallet to connect my mobile wallet users and web3js to interact with smart contract and wallet… I’m sending contract write transaction from my app to mobile MetaMask but when I reject transaction then I get no response from MetaMask… No rejected message and also not sending any response to my app…It’s only in case of my contract approve function not others…

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Confirming you’ve been able to look over the MetaMask docs here:

I’m linking to the IUsing Wallet Connect/deeplinking section.

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I’m building on localhost :smiling_face_with_tear:

This is my code and i’m unable to catch rejection in catch block b/c MetaMask didn’t sent any response

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Try using the following construct:

 try {
    return await ......
      // your code contract interactions
    } catch (error) {
     // your code
    } finally {
      // Usually some action after the completion of the transaction

didn’t worked since promise didn’t get any response from MetaMask on rejection so it’s waiting never ends :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hi. I’m facing the same issue, I found that this is an open issue with various bugs logged in github (/MetaMask/MetaMask-mobile/pull/4867). Could someone please look into this?

Hi @Domu ,

I’ve passed this along to the team. Thanks!

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@KBeeTheCapybara Thank you so much, Where can I follow this issue and When to expect an update on this?

Hi @Domu ,

I think best is to keep an eye on GH request for now!

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