Optional 2 or 3 Step Security Steps for Transfers Out

I’ve already voted for someone else’s 2FA request which I feel like should be an automatic option these days. Would be nice to see MM give users the option of how secure they wanted their assets. For example, I use one app that requires a 6 digit pin to send to another wallet, but gives you the option to also have 1-2 layers of 2FA via codes sent to email, SMS text, or Authenticator app., plus the 2FA codes, each have a 60 sec clock inside the app. Talking about secure! No one is sending your funds out of that wallet ever when you have all 3 turned on like I do! May seem like a hassle to some less tech savvy &/or those that just have a little money invested, but helps you sleep at night otherwise because there’s a lot snakes out here trying to figure out how to clean anyone out that they can.