Plants vs Undead: Initiated Swap from LE to PVU but then decided to CANCEL instead of Confirming Transaction, but LE was taken anyway!

Plants vs Undead: On 09/19/2021 I initiated a swap of nearly 2000 LE for 13 PVU (at the time of transaction), however when METAMASK popup window asked to confirm or cancel the transaction, I chose to cancel it, yet my LE were still debited, but NO PVU was credited to my account in exchange! Please help recover LE lost in limbo! I tried to open a support ticket, but because I did not receive neither an error message or a transaction number, I am unable to do so. I really pray this issue can be resolved. I tried to reach out to Plants vs. Undead Support, but being they are only on Discord, I only get scammers, spammers and hackers wanting money or me to validate or reauthenticate my account! I NEED TRUE, AUTHENTIC, and TRUSTWORTHY HELP! Thank you for your attention and assistance with this matter- it is very much appreciated!