SDK Integration for Metamask Mobile

Hi, I was curious if there’s a way to integrate an SDK with an NFT Asset on the MetaMask Mobile App. The goal is for users’ on the MetaMask mobile app to be able to interact with NFTs that utilize features not normally available using the normal third-party apis, such as using their phone’s touchscreen and sound. Is this possible? Or would it mean having to alter the mobile app’s UI?

Thanks for your help,

Any clarification or insights would be great, thanks

Hi @JaesonB ,

Sorry your questions was missed before. I’m going to share a couple links to see if it can get you to your answer.
MetaMask Flask might be the best route for now, see this post by @nakedwinnie :

Also, if it helps at all another link @nakedwinnie shared :

Lastly, wanted to drop the Infura NFT API Suite info as well as the Infure NFT SDK Github:


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