Metamask Integration

Hello. I am very interested in connecting specific Android studio and iOS code with MetaMask. If this code contains Jpeg, ahap files, and audio/ haptic files does it take 2 years for MetaMask to approve. How do I do the MetaMask integration>

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Please see below links to get started:

Hello. But how long is the approval process for this new feature integration? Is it 2 years? How does MetaMask make these decisions?

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Developers can build out and experiment on Flask. You also can check out the developer docs, including MetaMask SNAPS info that’s in it. Per Flask page ‘Snaps allows developers to expand the functionality of MetaMask at runtime, without our involvement. That’s right—you can add your own features and make them available to users, without any involvement from the MetaMask team!’

Here is another article with more information:

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