Are there any comparable third parties that have been integrated into MetaMask so we can see how long it took?

Can we use any third party apps for android and iOS integration with MetaMask?

hi @hhhhhh ,

Can you clarify with more detail on what you mean?

Also, have you taken a look at MetaMask Flask as well as the MetaMask docs (including the Snaps portion)?




Yes I have taken a look at MetaMask flask and documents.

  1. How can the MetaMask wallet be integrated into other web 3 apps?
  2. Also, how can we use the MetaMask wallet to check the cryptocurrency balance?

In regards to your first question, besides taking a look at the MetaMask Docs @KBeeTheCapybara shared above, try going through the MetaMask Github repository as well.

For #2 you can simply open your MetaMask wallet and check the balance of the tokens you added in your wallet, each on the respective networks you have them on.


It is important. You need to check in practice

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