Sent 23.135881 BUSD-T from Binance not recieved

successfully withdrawn 23.135881 BUSD-T to the address .
Your withdrawal address is

FROM Binance
Transection HASH

i moved BUSD-T from binance to metamask but my funds are missing can you please help me out , because i talked with binance and they sent me here because metamask has received these funds and its missing and i want them in my metamask account , can you put in my metamask or you ll send them back in to binance again i want help from you to find these funds please.

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Stesso problema anche per me
ho spostato BUSD-T da binance a metamask ma i miei fondi mancano potete aiutarmi, perché ho parlato con binance e mi hanno mandato qui perché metamask ha ricevuto questi fondi e mancano e li voglio nel mio account metamask, posso inserisci la mia metamask o li rispedirai di nuovo a binance voglio aiuto da te per trovare questi fondi per favore.

i Recovered my funds :smile:

May i know how you recoverd your funds?

I have the same problem.