Sent BNB to the Ethereum Main net, How to recover?

Hi I sent BNB from Binance to my wallet account Ethereum main net, how ca I recover it? is it possible? many thanks…

Hi Ernesto, you used BEP20 to withdraw BNB? or ERC20?

when you used BEP20 must adedd BSC :point_right:


Hi Luigi,

Thank you for the early response and the link, I have to study it. I used BEP20 to send from Binance and ERC20 to receive to Metamask. I am figuring out if I can somehow recover the tokens badly sended.

This is ok :slightly_smiling_face: don’t worry. Must add Binance Smart Chain
after entered your ETH address to page :point_right:
do you see BNB there?


You saved my life! I added the BNB Smart Chain net and it appeared, Thank you man! :slight_smile:

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Dear Luigi, can you guide me on how can I recover my BNB from BSC to MetaMask Eth? huhu I try this page to check my transaction was successful but It did not appear in MetaMask BNB wallet due to my wrong crypto add transac. Can you help me?:pray::pray::pray:

Hi gew, you adedd BSC? :point_down:

Dear Luigi, Thx so much for your reply. I already figure out a way to recover to MetaMask BNB. Really appreciate for your kindness and info. Stay safe Stay healthy.

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Thank you! Have a nice day gew :sunglasses: