Sent USDT from Binance on BSC successfully but Metamask not showing

New to Metamask.

Added BSC chain already. Sent 10 USDT from Binance using BSC network. Binance account shows that the transaction is successful. But MetalMask wallet not showing.

The BSC chain balance has zero balance when I did so (zero BNB).

feeling strange. Pls help.

I just found that the USDT can be found using Etherscan, so the USDT arrived at my wallet address.
But both Metamask on Chrome extension and on my mobile phone still shows zero balance.
Kinda curious to know why and how to fix it.

Hi lacenaenca add BSC :point_down:

Next step add USDT

For mobil click +ADD TOKEN - CUSTOM TOKEN
and copy Token Contract address on Coingecko page.

add the desired token manualy in your metamask wallet
some times it works

THank you for helping. It works now. I am still curious why I added the USDT token from the metamask “add token” menu but it didn’t work.

I did notice that the USDT token logos different though - the one added from metamask menu is Round shape green background around the big T letter, and the one added manually has a diamond shape green background around that big T.

would be insteresting to know.

Yes, adding manually resolved the issue.