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I’m Henry Vogel, Co-Founder and CEO of Keevowallet dot com.

On behalf of our team and community, we’re looking for your input and support encouraging MetaMask to review and approve our submission to integrate the Keevo hardware wallet with MetaMask. Keevo’s next gen crypto wallet provides a solution that’s both Simple AND Safe for users to manage their ETH, NFTs, ERC20 tokens and other crypto assets. We want to enable users to integrate their Keevo Wallets to MetaMask without forcing them to divulge their seed phrases.


We’ve been building our solution for 3+ years and have been in market for the past year plus and have thousands of community members. Our top most requested feature from our community is to integrate Keevo with MetaMask extension WITHOUT requiring users to enter and divulge their seed phrase.

Requiring Keevo users – actually any users with any hardware or software wallet – to manually enter their seed phrases into MetaMask to integrate their wallets is both incredibly inconvenient, but also very insecure. Anyone who can get access to a user’s seed phrase can restore their private master key on any other wallet, impersonate their digital identity and steal their crypto assets. Unfortunately, there have been all too many cases of cyber thieves posing as support personnel or other ways in which hackers have convinced users to divulge their seed phrases. And, storing seed phrases anywhere outside of a secure hardware wallet also expands the attack vectors and opens up users’ accounts to breaches.


We built Keevo’s Four Factor Authentication (4FA) system upon the Shamir secret sharing algorithm (you can see the white paper we published on our website). Users can authenticate their identity and sign transactions with any 3 of the following 4 factors: an encrypted factor stored on their Keevo hardware wallet’s secure element, a strong password they know and can enter on their Keevo capacitive touch panel LCD, a fingerprint unique to them which they can scan on their Keevo’s biometric sensor and a fourth encrypted factor they can store on a separate secure memory unit and hardware element we call a “Carbon Key.” In this way, not only can users conveniently authenticate themselves and easily sign transactions on their Keevo, but they can also recover a lost, stolen or broken hardware wallet WITHOUT having to store, access or enter a seed phrase ANYWHERE. They can just connect their Carbon Key to a replacement Keevo and enter their password and fingerprint to restore their private master key on the new hardware wallet.

With Keevo’s seedless recovery solution, we eliminate the need to write down, store or divulge your seed phrase to ANYONE (including MetaMask). We’ve completed the work to securely integrate Keevo with the MetaMask extension via a keyring and submitted our GitHub repos. We can’t post links here, but we have open sourced our submissions, including our …:

  • Keevo - MetaMask Keyring
  • Keevo - MetaMask Extension
  • MetaMask Extension Pull Request


Adding Keevo as a MetaMask hardware wallet integration option will enable users to connect a secure next gen crypto wallet to MetaMask without having to divulge their seed phrase. This unique solution will significantly reduce the incidence of attacks and threats from hackers attempting – and succeeding – in stealing MetaMask users’ seed phrases and digital assets.

There are many other benefits which Keevo offers MetaMask users. For example, we are one of the only hardware wallets which allows users to see their NFT images on their Keevo’s 2.8 inch color LCD; this is not only really cool, but eliminates the risk of blind transaction signing and further protects users’ crypto assets.

Please reply with any questions or comments. And, thanks in advance for your vote for our feature request to help make MetaMask and our collective web3.0 meta verse more safe, simple, private and easy to use.

Voted! Would love to see Keevo / Metamask integration especially for minting, selling and securing my NFTs. Let’s make this official!


Thanks Henry for bringing this to everyone’s attention!! Would love to have the official Keevo-MetaMask integration on our list of features!!


Completely agree! A Keevo / Metamask solution makes perfect sense.

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What happens if I forget my password? And the hand is burnt, the fingerprint can’t be used?

I also voted, yes MetaMask is a must. Keevo have demonstrated great customer service and a strong vision in this space

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Any 3 of the 4 factors are required to authenticate your digital identity and restore your private master key. So, if you forget your password, you can authenticate yourself with your 1) Keevo plus 2) Fingerprint plus 3) Carbon Key. Then, you can set a new password.

G-d forbid you lose your fingerprint, you can authenticate yourself with your 1) Keevo plus 2) password plus 3) Carbon Key. Then, you can set a new fingerprint.

Hope that helps answer your question. Let us know. And, thanks for your vote.

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MetaMask is a must, yes!

Bring MetaMask to Keevo!!!

Voted! This need to be a thing ASAP! :heart:

If Keevo leaves the cryptocurrency trade one day, does that mean users can’t use any other wallet to recover their assets?

We don’t plan to leave, but if so, this is not an issue. Assets are still secure. Users can transfer them to another wallet. Also, users can always still access their seed phrase on their Keevo by authenticating themselves with their password and fingerprint. It’s not required and we don’t recommend displaying or storing your seed phrase externally for obvious reasons. But it’s yours and it’s available for you to securely access and use to restore your Keevo on another wallet.

Can’t wait for the day keevo and metamask are compatible. :metal:t2:

With MetaMask Snaps you can extend MetaMask’s API to add Keevo.

Happy to chat with you on how Flask and Snaps works.

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