Support not received matic to my bainace

Support not received matic to my binance using polygon 0x509088eb989c363342e50a1fc196399e44836a1504be1dc93aa263c04cf28b27

Hey Jerome,

Sorry - can you give a little more detail on the issue? When I look up that transaction hash on polygonscan(dot)com it looks like 27.5 MATIC was transferred from wallet 0xf8178f605f7389729d0eb0ace1f5cc66b0be663e to 0x9a7344090fc48837ce520f943de66a500f01943c.

Do you know the owner of wallet 0x9a7344090fc48837ce520f943de66a500f01943c and does that transaction ID you shared look familiar and something you called for?


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Hi sir i already solved it sir i have one problem i send usdt using metamask to binance but i got wrong chain supposed to be using polygon here the transaction

Hi Jerome,

It looks like that USDT is sitting in wallet 0x9A7344090fC48837ce520f943de66a500f01943C too, same place as the MATIC you originally posted about.

Assuming you have control of wallet 0x9A7344090fC48837ce520f943de66a500f01943C have you tried adding the tether token - 0xc2132D05D31c914a87C6611C10748AEb04B58e8F ?

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What im going to do sir sorry im not familiar sir

Yes sir i have control to that wallet what im going to do sir how to add it it was on binance sir the address is from my binance

Ah ok if that’s on your Binance you should be able to reach out to Binance support and they’ll help you. Confirm you’re reaching out through Binances website to them, and not and scam. Nobody will ever ask for your seed phrase from any support or for you to click files, share screens.

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