Suspicious approval dialog

Hi, I’m attaching part of a screenshot of something that looks like an approval dialog from MetaMask. It sometimes shows up when I want to approve a token for a contract. In this case I was trying to add liquidity to one of the liquidity pools on uniswap, one of the tokens needed approval and this dialog popped up.

You’ll notice from the screenshot (sorry it’s a bit distorted) that it does not mention the contract name or address of the token being approved, or the quantity. It looks very suspicious. If I were to keep rejecting this transaction and then trying to approve again I will eventually get what I consider to be the proper dialog for approval, where it will have the name and contract address and also the ability for me to enter an amount that I want to approve. Can anyone shed light on this?

Hey @rob666, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Saw you also posted on Reddit, it would be best if you communicated further there just to keep things better organized.

Did you end up reaching out to the support team?


I thought I’d start here and see if support will have an answer.

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