SWAP - balances information doesn't dynamically refresh from droplist

SWAP - balances information doesn’t dynamically refresh from drop list - user have to refresh swap page to see current balance.

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Are you talking about in-app swaps or portfolio MetaMask swaps?


Hi, its about MetaMask portfolio swaps.


Information about the current swap is dynamic with an update counter every 30 seconds.

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I mean something diffrent, maybe its minor issue (or not issue :wink: ) , i described this scenario below:

  1. Go to portfolio

  2. Go to swap

  3. 30 USDT available in balances.

  4. Made swap 10 USDT for eth

  5. After swap there is proper information about 20USDT available to swap:

  6. But when i open droplist there is still old balance = 30 USDT

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