Swap confirmed but I recieve nothing in BUSD or BNB . Money Lost

hello i have the same problem sold my tokens but didnt receive any bnb its 0


This is a big issue i think anybody can suffer from this. The site is pancakeswaps original site and this is unaccaptable.


In below you can exactly see the transfered price of 19 usd to WBNB and I personally not get any BUSD as you cans see it says 0 to recipient.

Also from pancakeswap, it should be 1000$ worth of bnb i received 0, this hilarious, i dont know if they are trying to rip us off, and no one from metamask and pancakeswap responded on telegram support.

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I saw there is an issue but they dont tell anything to us. It is bad for a community.

so what now, we just wait ?

I dont know I wait for their response here. Because it doesnt seem anywhere all money gone with my 4 transactions.

i swap eth to kishu. my transaction failed. but i loss 700 duller or . /175 eth…!!! for what?!! pleas solve this problem

Same problem in this thread Swap error no $ value

yes same issue here! - what do we do?

Hi verianalizi,

Have you found some solution yet? I’ve got the same issue…


I have exactly the same problem. The actual value to be transferred to the recipient is 0.00.

Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Still no reply from anyone. No money come to my account.
It seems all gone.
If there will be news or solution i will write from here also.

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SAME no reply, on telegram also , seems we lost it all

No puedo realizar ninguna acción como enviar, recibir, swap en pancake o dentro de metamask, cosechar o reinvertir en granjas…me cobra la comisión o gas y no realiza la tarea…básicamente tengo el dinero dentro de metamask parado, no pudiendo hacer nada con el que tengo en plataformas de swap y con el que esta en metamask…ayuda porfavor.

Same here, after a Zap use pancakeswap on PancakeBunny, ALL my money was gone.


@drzoo We do NOT provide support on Telegram. You can find a list of our official support platforms here.

First, be sure you add the custom token to your wallet.

If your balance still does not appear, please submit a support ticket with your public address, txids of your swaps, and any additional details. We’ll be glad to take a closer look.

I sent 19109 ooe coins to my matemask wallet this friday, I swapped 9545 ooe coins. In return for the bnb token, I received only 2.1 bnb tokens. It should arrive. Around 4.8 bnb did not come or if the swap did not take place, 6500 ooe coins were not returned again. When I check the transaction, there are 9545 exits, but the entries in my wallet are not visible. At the time I swapped, the value of the ooe coin is 0.21 cents, the bnb token is worth 303 dollars. In the middle, the $1800 transaction is lost, and it is not clear where it went. I asked for matemask spot help, no response yet, they just gave me a ticket number, please help…

Same problem here. Is there any solution to this?