Swap Safemoon but 0 BNB

I have some Safemoon which I want to swap to BNB, when I fill in the amount and slippage to 11% it reflects what I would get for my safemoon, as soon as I press accept a new window pops up with the actual BNB fee, but there is zero BNB listed what I get from the swap, it simply states 0 BNB and only the BNB transfer costs are reflecting. I’ve restored my account both on my phone and desktop but the problem still occurs. Can I simply just swap the amount of Safemoon and will BNB reflect in my wallet or will it stay zero?

I have exactly the same issue with all my tokens on the BSC RPC. And yes, if you go further in the process, you got a transfer with 0 bnb, and you just pay fees, it’s what I’ve done …

But it still work in the other way, I still can buy tokens with BNB, but can’t sell any in bnb.
Please, have you a solution ?

Actually, it does the same with Trust Wallet !

Do you solve this issue?

Do you solve the issue?

I have the similar problem!
Every swap (when I want to sell) I always end up with 0 bnb. Only on my iphone, on my laptop there is no problem.

Very annoying, please someone have a solution for this??