Swapping Issue (Exact amount or less can't be swapped) No Quotation Available

I have a BNB balance, when I try swapping the exact balance or less to ETH. It’s saying there’s no quotation available but if I input a higher amount, the quotation will eventually become available. I tried adjusting the balance but the problem still persists. Anyone can help me?

Hello, yes I have the same problem… I can’t swap any token to another one… Im on Chrome, ive tried firefox, my mobile phone, always the same problem as you! I changed amount , slippage, nothing works… I wanted to sell some Shiba for a another one after the bull run, I could earn much more !!! makes me angry… now Shiba down a bit, so i’m losing…
There is no support at all with metamask, they ask their community to help people!
I hope that someone could help us because our wallet is freeze!

Any luck solving this?
I have he same issue on my mobile

Same issue here!!! There’s nowhere to contact Support :S