The in my metamask wallet, the buy button is not click

Hello, there In my metamask wallet, the buy button is not click.

For Binance Smart Chain this button not working :upside_down_face:

hmm. and the receive button appears on mobile but chromre is not visible in the browser, what is the reason for this.

YES :slightly_smiling_face: in the pc browser + BSC
Click :point_right: Account Detail and you will see QR code + ETH address

Account Detail

or just click :point_right: to the name of the account…

ok luigi you are great thank you.

How about other coins addresses? As from Account details it offers only one key, will it recognize to which coin to send it? E.g. sending USDT from Binance. Thanks.

Hi Veselin USDT (Tether) is a standard ERC20 Token and can be sent
to any MetaMask :fox_face: Ethereum address (for withdrawal use ERC20)
If you use BEP20 for withdraw USDT :point_down: you must added BSC + Binance USDT token…