Transfered ETH from Binance to Etherscan by mistake

I have send ETH from Binance to Metamask but the value is not showing in the metamask wallet. Then I found the address I gave was of etherscan. I dont know how it happened but it was a huge sum of money. I want to know if I can recover the money from etherscan to metamask.

Your withdrawal address is 0x1A2a1c938CE3eC39b6D47113c7955bAa9DD454F2,
txid is 0xf063c848f14622c8c8e1344ca0328fa7789cfe9681a7403b9e448af069622d2b
It showa successfully withdrawn 0.48940000 ETH to the address .
Please help me to recover the amount from etherscan to metamask.