Trying to connect my wallet to bscpad but cannot connect.please advise

Hi, I cannot connect my wallet to pancakeswap or BSCpad. Please advise

Im using IOS

Welcome, @Shakdynasty !
When using your MetaMask wallet with PancakeSwap and you see an error message: Permissions request already pending please wait.
Please try these workarounds which would help you to connect back:

  • Disconnect from the sites and connect back. When clicking on the 3 dot menu in the top right you will see a dropdown menu which will bring you the option Connected Sites click on it and you will see all the connected sites that you can remove. On the browser extension, you can go back to PancakeSwap and click Connect wallet.
    On mobile switch between existing accounts when on the site.
  • You can also reinstall the extension on the browser you use, please make sure you have the seed phrase and private keys(imported accounts) safe before reinstalling your wallet.
    On mobile remove the app from your phone and install it back through the app store.