Unable to enter a Matic amount to send

I’m trying to send Polygon Matic to Coinbase through the Polygon network. I am able to scan the receiving address, but MetaMask will not let me change the amount to send (defaults at zero). It calculates a base gas fee and shows the correct amount of Matic is available to send, but won’t actually let me enter a number. What am I missing here?

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hi @user3730 , the amount was entered in the previous step and this step is confirmation.
So, click back to enter number.


Unfortunately it doesn’t. From the Matic screen I click the “Send” button and get the following screen. Once I scan the receive barcode in my coinbase wallet, I am taken to the screen in my original post. There is no point where I can actually enter the amount of Matic that I want to send.

hey, fill in the recipient’s address and click next. you can enter number, as this

Once you enter the number, click next and it will take you to the first picture you posted


That did it, thanks.

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